Carol Maraj Brings Free Surgery Initiative to Local Doctors, Invites DV Network Members to Stoney Rock Studios Fundraiser



Carol Maraj Brings Free Surgery Initiative to Local Doctors, Invites DV Network Members to Stoney Rock Studios Fundraiser

Newport, Kentucky – [Date] – Carol Maraj, a philanthropist and advocate for domestic violence survivors, is excited to announce the expansion of the Free Surgery Initiative to local doctors in partnership with the DV Network. To celebrate this milestone, Carol Maraj will be hosting a special fundraising event at Stoney Rock Studios on [Event Date].

The Free Surgery Initiative, in collaboration with local doctors, aims to provide free surgical procedures to domestic violence survivors. By joining forces with doctors in the community, the initiative seeks to expand its reach and impact, ensuring more survivors receive the life-changing surgeries they need to rebuild their lives.

Carol Maraj, a staunch advocate for survivors, expressed her enthusiasm about this collaboration: “By bringing local doctors on board, we can extend our support network and provide comprehensive care to domestic violence survivors. Together, we can make a significant difference in their lives, helping them heal both physically and emotionally.”

To commemorate this milestone and raise funds for the initiative, Carol Maraj will host a fundraising event at Stoney Rock Studios. The event will be held on [Event Date] and will feature a variety of entertainment, including live music, guest speakers, and a silent auction. Attendees will have the opportunity to meet Carol Maraj and learn more about the Free Surgery Initiative and the important work of the DV Network.

Tickets for the fundraiser are available for purchase at [Ticket Purchase Link]. General admission tickets are priced at $200, while Stoney Rock Members will receive a discounted rate of $150. Additionally, members of the DV Network will be eligible for two complimentary tickets as a token of appreciation for their support. Furthermore, all members of the DV Network will be acknowledged on various media outlets and receive a dedicated page on the DV Network website.

“We are grateful for the support of the DV Network members who have joined forces with us to make a difference in the lives of domestic violence survivors. Your contribution and involvement are invaluable, and we look forward to honoring you at the fundraising event,” stated Carol Maraj.

For more information about the Free Surgery Initiative, the DV Network, or to purchase tickets for the Stoney Rock Studios fundraising event, please visit [Foundation Website URL]. Together, we can create a community that supports and empowers domestic violence survivors.

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About Carol Maraj: Carol Maraj is a dedicated philanthropist and advocate for domestic violence survivors. Through her foundation, she has spearheaded initiatives and programs aimed at empowering and supporting those affected by domestic violence. Carol Maraj is committed to raising awareness and creating positive change in the lives of survivors.

About Stoney Rock Studios: Stoney Rock Studios is a renowned venue in Newport, Kentucky, known for hosting diverse events and providing a platform for artists and performers. With a commitment to supporting community initiatives, Stoney Rock Studios is proud to partner with Carol Maraj in hosting the fundraising event to support the Free Surgery Initiative.

About the DV Network: The DV Network is a community of organizations and individuals dedicated to ending domestic violence and providing support for survivors. Through collaboration and resource-sharing, the DV Network aims to raise awareness, advocate for change, and create a network of support for those affected by domestic violence.

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